Meet Our
Catalysts for Change

At The Halpin Companies, we are more than a team; we are a dynamic force dedicated to initiating meaningful transformation within your organization.

We will guide your company to the next level of success

Katharine Halpin

Founder & CEO

Katharine thrives in turning the tide from fear to opportunity.

Leaving the numbers behind in 1997, she embarked on a mission to fuel organizational growth through the power of its people.

Katharine’s gift lies in her dual-thinking ability — seeing solutions where others see conflicts, and identifying patterns that weave the bigger picture from what seems like disparate threads.

Her intuition is not just a trait but a tool, crafting environments ripe for innovation by encouraging voices to rise and ideas to flourish.

Chuck Scharenberg

Senior Consultant

Chuck is a wizard at crafting actionable strategies that transform businesses.
With a knack for breaking down barriers, he’s the go-to for businesses aiming to scale their operations.

Chuck doesn’t just advise; he transforms leaders into strategic visionaries, reshaping their outlook on their business and knitting teams that are as cohesive as they are effective.

With a rich tapestry of experience spanning continents and industries, Chuck brings a world of insight to every consultation.

He embodies “more profit, more freedom” not just professionally but personally, enjoying cycling, ethnic cooking, and fitness.

Ava Diamond

Leadership, Employee Engagement,
and Organizational Culture Expert

Ava is the architect of aligned, high-performing organizations.

With a keen focus on leveraging the collective talent and potential of people, she transforms workplaces into arenas where leadership, culture, and engagement converge for breakthrough success.

Ava’s journey from HR leadership to consulting wizardry is backed by a decade of guiding global change efforts and a mastery in management and organizational behavior.

Whether it’s steering executive strategies or empowering frontline heroes, Ava’s insights spark transformational change.

Terry Schumaker

Terry Schumaker

Terry Schumaker

Terry is dedicated to helping businesses and organizations thrive; he uses his keen listening and qualitative analysis skills to help clients discover the important things to focus on to drive change. He truly believes the best way to predict the future is to create it.

With a twenty-five plus year career focusing on economic and community development, Terry has had the opportunity to work with for-profit and nonprofit organizations across multiple industry sectors as an employee, board member, and now as a consultant.

What drives Terry’s work now is his deep desire to help and watch others achieve their dreams. He uses his “worker bee” mentality, interpersonal savvy, and innovative thinking to help make this happen.

Amy Bath

Amy Bath

With her dual background in Psychology and Business, Amy provides solutions that get to the Root Causes of problems to create real, lasting Change.

Amy’s comprehensive Rules Of Engagement Training brings everyone in the company to a shared understanding of workplace interactions – the step-by-step process to achieve excellent communication skills, the reasons behind communication failures, and the staggering costs in time, energy, productivity and talent that communication failures cause.

With expertise in facilitation, training and change processes, Amy creates Workplace Interactions that Work and helps to foster World Class Cultures.

Amy’s expertise in human motivation, interactions, and behavior modification is invaluable for businesses facing stagnation or conflicts. Embracing external facilitation and expertise is crucial as the first step towards talent acquisition, productivity, success, and profitability, leading to genuine and lasting change. Consider leveraging Amy’s specialized skills to propel your business forward.

Amy Bath

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